I have a fairly involved macro I use at work, (It does some sorting and row
deletes and row inserts and calculations), and it takes about 7 seconds to
complete. I took the file home. I have a Pentium 4 with Excel 2002. The
same macro takes 1 minute to process. On my home computer on the Tools /
Macro / Security I have it set to low but I did notice down at the bottom
left corner of the dialog box it also says "Virus scanner installed" but at
work it does not have this. Also every time I open a file at home containing
macros the status bar says Requesting Virus Scan even thought the Security is
set to low and this makes the files take about 5 times longer to open than at
work. What is going on here? Is there an extra layer of virus protection on
my home computer that is causing this? How do I remove it? I have Norton
virus protection on the computer at home if that might also make a difference.

Thank you for your help.