Ok look heres what I am trying to do, and it might be easy for someone who goes on these forums as opposed to me whose a bit rusty when it comes to programming. Heres the problem

I got a list of members of a paired tournament. The next column has the team that they are on and the following rows will have the scores for the person in each round.

Heres what it looks like
Members Team Personal ScoreRd1(/50)
ST Ice 37
KS Spade 40
DT Spade 36
JT Ice 38

Now what I am hoping to do in another part is this
Team Members Team ScoreRd1 (/100)
Ice ST,JT 75
Spade KS,DT 76

The way I see it working in my head is Sheet2!A1(Ice) Searches(Sheet1!B1:Sheet1!B4). If found add to Sheet2!B1. If Match A1 then Sheet2!C1+Sheet1!Cx

Any Suggestions on that would be much appreciated.

Now where it gets even worse. I got to figure out whether or not they won or lost

Government Opposition
Ice Spade
.... ....

Government Opposition
Spade ....
.... Ice

Record Rd1(Win/Loss) Rd2
Ice Loss ....
Spade Win ....
.... .... ....
.... .... ....

I know that to find Win or Loss is just simple If (Ice>Spade,Win,Loss) But I need the formula to find it out itself. (Search A2:Ax For Ice, If found compare Value in Sheet1!B1 to team in Opp column,If not found search Opp Column(Search Opp Column For Ice, If found Compare Value Sheet2!B1 to value of the column for the Opp Column)

I can picture exactly how to do it. But I don't know excel well enough to do it so I'm asking for a little help on this.

The reason why it is so complicated is cause this is for a debating tournament. And this all has to figured out in order to plan for the later rounds. The first two rounds are fine where they are not dependent on the wins/losses

But when you get to the third round
Everyone with a 2-0 record goes against each other
Everyone with a 1-1 record goes against each other
everyone with a 0-2 record goes against each other

If any of these lists are uneven. (ie 2-0=5teams 1-1=10teams 0-2=5teams)
Then the highest team scores of 1-1 will go against the highest of 2-0 and the lowest of 1-1 will go against the lowest of 0-2. It's always highest vs. lowest of each group

Anyone willing to help?