Hi All,

Lot of excellent help here - I am almost there - Please help me connect the dots...

OK - what's the problem: I will try to keep a version control of a template I develop on an ongoing basis. The version number I will try and use to provide an easy way to upgrade any file based on an older version of the template by simply copying values that reside in cells that I see on a list of named ranges into a file that is a copy of the new template.
- Does this make any sense...

How do I do this - I am not sure - I need help - here are my thoughts...

My idea of an answer is this:
1: I will use the version control suggested by Tom Ogilvy in http://www.excelforum.com/showthread.php?t=479156
And keep the version number in a property named "Version".

2: I have a hidden sheet named "config" in which i have an ongoing list of cells holding the names of all the ranges that must be copied. The list of named ranges is right below the cell named "Config_values_to_copy", so
range("Config_values_to_copy").offset(1,0).value could be "Priority_Column" in which case there is a column off values there, that must be copied to the new template and placed in the same named range.

3: I will keep the newest version of the xls-file (template) - not as a xlt file, just xls for now somewhere - on the LAN in a specific folder and always have the name of the latest version being: "Risc and issue documentation Template, latest version.xls" (If possible I will manually include the version number into the file name instead, and make sure that there is only one file in the particular folder.) For this help let's just say that the folder is local "C:\latest-version-template\" I think that this can somehow be done based in parts on the answer Ron de Bruin gives to this topic http://www.excelforum.com/showthread.php?t=564858 - but I am not sure that it is all there...

4: When a user opens a workbook based on the template a control button named something like "check for new template version" should be accessible - alternatively I will hide the code and do this when the user opens the file.

5: Now here goes: The code must somehow check current version from step (1) against the version found in the folder with the latest-greatest version of this template. If the template available in that folder is newer than the template that this current file is based upon, then prompt the user if he wants to upgrade. If YES then I must somehow iterate throught the named ranges and copy all the values onto a copy of the new template and afterwards save this intelligently on the users harddrive.

I imagine using this kind of iteration to go through the named ranges - this code is altered a bit from elsewhere in the file:

While Len(Range("Config_values_to_copy").Offset(i, 0).Value) > 1
' As long as I am in this loop, then I have values that must be copied to the new workbook.
[new workbook!] Range(Range("Config_values_to_copy").Offset(i, 0).Value).Value = Range(Range("Config_values_to_copy").Offset(i, 0).Value).Value
i = i + 1

Can I do this - how do I copy a version of the newer template and paste the values (by value) into the identical named ranges? Probably the line

[new workbook!] Range(Range("Config_values_to_copy").Offset(i, 0).Value).Value = Range(Range("Config_values_to_copy").Offset(i, 0).Value).Value

needs some re-work. I just cannot see precisely what I need to do.

I look forward to some quality help.

Bye from Denmark