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Calendar in UserForm changing size

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    Calendar in UserForm changing size

    Hello all. I have a problem with a calendar. I have added a calendar to UserForm, I sized it nicely to fit the form and added extra contrils to it. But every time I re-open the workbook were this form with a calendar is used, calendar changing it's size, that half of it is outside the form (cropped by form's borders), some controls are covered with a calendar and I cannot see them. I am pretty tired of resizing it back in VBA every time.

    Could anybody advise please how can I solve the issue and what could cause this problem.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Not sure exactly what the problem could be, but it may be worth checking the Font type and in particular the Font size that is defined for the title of the calendar (TitleFont property) and for the days of the month (DayFont property).

    It's possible that when the User Form and calendar are loaded and displayed the size is re-adjusted to accomodate a larger font - this is just a guess though.
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