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Make Called Macro End the First Macro

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    Make Called Macro End the First Macro

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    When I call a Second Macro within the First Macro
    and the Second Macro ENDS with the ErrorMsg,
    I donít want to resume the FirstMacro.
    How can I stop it from returning to complete the First Macro?

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    why not try pass a value between the two.

    sub test1()

    dim macroerror as string

    macroerror =""

    macroerror = SecondMacro (macroerror)

    if macroerror <> "" then exit sub
    end sub
    Sub SecondMacro(macroerror as string)

    IF this is true GoTo ErrorMsg
    Then 'okay to back to First Macro
    Exit Sub

    macroerror = "Yes"
    MsgBox "Sorry, the macro is finished."
    ‘at this point do not return to First Macro

    End Sub
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