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Writing a simple fill in program

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    Writing a simple fill in program

    Here at the office we name drawing files based on the type of machine they are associated with. Since we have an extensive list of these machines we have a system for abbreviating these machine names before naming a .dwg file.

    This system is in an excel document and right now my people have 6 categories to choose from, each one separated by a dash. The categories are as follows with some examples:

    Product (Turret or Press Brake)
    Manufacturer (Amada or Wiedeman)
    Model (Coma or Pega)
    Old Control (6M or W2)
    Customer Name (PC Controls)
    Drawing Type (Electrical, Mechanical or Panel)

    Alrite, so a dwg file could be named T-Am-6M-PC Controls-Elec.dwg

    Basically what I want to do is write something that would allow them to simply fill in the information and excel would output the correct abbreviation, ensuring that they all use the same abbreviations for every drawing.

    Something that would just ask the Product, Manufacturer ect and output the name string they should use such as T-Am-6M-PC Controls-Elec.dwg (Turret-Amada-6m-PC Controls-Electrical)

    Can someone point me in the right direction, where I could learn how to write this myself? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    If you have some experience with Excel, I'd point you at the Forms Menu, specificaly Check Boxes and Combo Boxes. The help system should lead you through making 6 controls that will make your abreviation.

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