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Run-time error 6 : overflow

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    Run-time error 6 : overflow


    following on from a previous thread (http://www.excelforum.com/showthread.php?t=596847) I have encountered a runtime error when using more than 13 binary A/B variables and one A/B/C variable. more specifically the error occurs when the total number of combinations exceeds 32767 rows (in this example the number of combinations = (2^13)*3 = 24576). The arrays were initially set up as variant although I have also tried it with String arrays (since all the combinations are of names only).

    Is there anyway of removing this error? I'm using Microsoft excel 2003 and VBA 6.3

    I'm also copying the combinations to 14 other worksheets and can not save the file afterwards as it is too big, is there anyway of reducing the file size too?


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    32767 is the maximum size of a variable of type integer. Change the variable to type Long or type Double. This allocates more memory which translates in the ability to store a much larger number.

    I have never heard of a size limitation on saving worksheets. Look that one up on microsoft.com

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