Office 2003
I have a save macro that uses cell references to name the file.

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This portion works fine. The problem occurs when I try to digitally sign the document.

When attaching a signature to the workbook the following message prompt appears.
"This workbook must be saved as a Microsoft Office Excel Workbook before it can be digitally signed. Do you want to save the workbook?"

This of course causes a problem because when the document is reviewed by the reviewer he/she adds another signature to the workbook and is once again prompted to save the file before attaching the signature which would invalidate the first signature. I do not want the reviewer to save the workbook again merely review and add a signature. This process works correctly if the file is saved using the built-in save feature but not if the macro was used on the workbook.

I believe the problem may have something to do with the format that the macro saves the workbook as because this saving issue only occurs when using the macro. If the workbook is saved without using the macro both signatures can be added without any trouble.

Does anyone know why this would happen?
Am I using the wrong save format?
What format should I try?