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How to search/filter data in Excel dropdown having large number of values

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    How to search/filter data in Excel dropdown having large number of values

    I have created a dropdown in Excel 2003 using the menu Data > Validation, Validation Criteria: Allow=List.
    I'm using this dropdown to show a list of employees, which has a few thousand rows. So, obviously it's a bit painful to scroll down the list to select the employee I want.
    Is there a way to enter a few characters of the name, and get a filtered set to values?
    (Please note: this dropdown is one of the columns of an Excel 2003 List. As the number of rows in the list will grow dynamically, these dropdowns will need to be created for each row. So I chose to create the dropdown using Data>Validation, rather than as a combobox form control.)

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    Hi Sam,

    A combobox control on a UserForm has an AutoComplete feature, and its dropdown list can display as many rows as you want - this would probably be a significant improvement on the Data Validation approach.

    Let me know if you need further information about this method.

    By the way, are you using the dropdown list to INSERT a name or to LOCATE a name?


    Greg M

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