Hello All,

I've got a setup in sheet 1 that people enter data into. The data is then copied and placed into another worksheet by clicking a button with a macro. Before the data is copied and pasted I'd like to have a macro/form perform another function. I'd like excel to check another worksheet that has similar data to see if there are similarities. If there are similarities I'd like a form to appear with radio buttons (or something similar) where the user can select the line of data that is similar, then have the macro perform a function on that line of data in the sheet. Afterwards the macro would continue with its original function.

The sheet that the form would be referencing has a different amount of rows at any given time, so the radio buttons (or other similar function) would have to be dynamic in some way.

Unfortunately this is a file at work that I'd like to post as an example but can't because of add-in restrictions. If someone would like an example of my question to work with please let me know and I'll email it to you.

Thanks in Advance