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row#s of certain data in a table - Sort Data - How to update table w/new row#s?

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    row#s of certain data in a table - Sort Data - How to update table w/new row#s?


    I have a script that runs through a bunch of tags (on the !TAGS sheet), decodes the tag and then associates it with an alias. It then pastes some information to the !ALIASES sheet. Due to the nature of the data multiple tags associate with the same alias. I've got another sheet, !DUPLICATES, that houses the information about any duplicates. One of the columns on this sheet contains the row# on the !ALIASES sheet of the alias it associates with.

    The script works beautifully up to here. However, I want to sort the !ALIASES sheet alphabetically once we're finished checking all the tags. Problem is the column in the !DUPLICATES sheet with the row# no longer points to the correct row.

    So, my question is, is there any way to update the row#s in said column with the new row#s - post sorting?


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    You need an ID field in the Alias rows that you can find again after sorting.
    The Duplicates rows should refer to the ID number as the "soft" link that survives sorting. The Duplicates rows can also hold the "hard" row number as a convenience for looking up the Alias rows quickly.

    You will need to do a search (by Subroutine or Worksheet Function) after you sort Alias, to restore the "hard" row number by looking for the "soft" ID.

    As a complication, you need to store the last ID number used, so you know how to label new Alias rows.
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