Hello all,
I'm having a problem building a pilots logbook (to keep track of my hours and stats) trying to return the date i last flew the aircraft... it works similar to an example here which I will use since there is less jargon to worry about...

Type Date

West 17/01/2005
East 18/02/2005
North 21/02/2005
West 01/03/2005
South 25/03/2005
North 12/04/2005
East 11/06/2005
West 12/06/2005

Suppose those are all the times you went to market, what I would want is...

Market Last Visited

North (12/04/2005)
East (11/06/2005)
South (25/03/2005)
West (12/06/2005)

And the items in brackets I would want excel to automatically work out.

a VMAX works ok only for one sheet, whilst being somewhat dodgy, when I a VMAX on multiple sheets it doesn't work... I need this to work on multiple sheets, its been blowing my mind away I cant seem to find a solition anywhere, any suggestions or guesses are appreciated!