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Search for rows in one sheet and copy into another sheet based on customer id

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    Search for rows in one sheet and copy into another sheet based on customer id


    I need someone to help with excel sheets and I do not have much experience with it. I am guessing there is a solution for this.

    I have two workbooks: 1. Workbook 1 and 2. Workbook 2

    Both of these workbooks contain the same no of EXCEL sheets which is
    1. Customer sheet, 2. Address sheet 3. Email sheet, 4. Phone sheet

    Workbook 1: Before Process contains data before a certain cleansing process was run
    Workbook 2: After Process contains data after a certain cleansing process was run

    All of the worksheets in both the workbooks contain a common field in cloumn 1 which is the customer id.

    Hence Customer sheet contains:
    Customer id First Name Last Name Suffix Age
    1 John Doe Jr 23
    2 Jane Smith 32

    The Address sheet contains:
    Customer id Addl1 City State Zip Type
    1 123Main LA CA XXXX Home
    1 456Bea LA CA XXXX Work
    2 789abc LA CA XXXX Billing
    2 234xyz LA CA XXXX Work

    Etc. The same data is present in the sheets in Workbook2 but just cleaned out.

    I have a worksheet# 3 which I want to copy with the rows from the two workbooks which match
    the provided customer id. Customer id is selected manually and put into workbook3

    I want to populate the third workbook based on a customer id which is selected manually.
    The customer id is present in in all the sheets within the workbooks 1& 2 as column 1

    Can someone provide a macros/way as to be able to
    1. Search two workbooks based on customer id
    2. Populate all the matched rows into workbook3

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    maybe zip a copy of the workbook and attach it to your post, with that example supply the desired result you want, this will help us understand the question better

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    As Dave says an example would be useful, you might be able to use VLOOKUP
    Hope that helps.

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