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Populate listbox using vlookup or index,match?

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    Populate listbox using vlookup or index,match?


    Am just wondering if its possible to populate listbox by vlookup or index, match functions.

    I have 2 listboxes , and I select an item in listbox 1
    when this is selected - i want the corresponding items to populate listbox 2

    is it possible to use vlookup or index to do this?

    can anyone suggest a macro /code to do this, if it's possible ?


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    The simplest way would be to have all your lists named, so for arguements sake create 2 comboboxes, have a list of column headers lets call them header1, header2 & header3, now have these as a named range, call them Headers, highlight the data below the first of these headings and name the range header1 do the same for the other 2. Double click the first newly created combobox and paste this in:
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    now when you change the value in the first combobox the data below the heading is available in the second!

    Hope this helps.
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