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Macro to Copy/Paste Data from One Sheet to Another

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    Unhappy Macro to Copy/Paste Data from One Sheet to Another

    Hey guys...I've run into a snag that I think has an easy fix. I believe that i know how I want this process to run, I'm having trouble executing it.

    Here's the details: I have a spreadsheet (see attached image) that contains a record of time (in months) running across the sheet (the columns) and down the side (the rows) is a list of products. Within these cell blocks (divided by month and product) are some dates pertaining to order shipments.

    I am trying to create a macro that will loop through each row and determine if the cells cantain data, if they do contain data I would like that copied and pasted to a new sheet. After copying/pasting the shipment data the macro will have to copy/paste the product name from column A of the applicable row.

    Essentially this will build a user firendly database that I can easily organize and work from.

    Please feel free to inquire if I did not explain this well.

    Thank you in andvance for any help.
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    A workbook example with data and how you want it collating would be better than an image.
    Hope that helps.

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    I have used the Macro Recorder to help copy/paste data from a group of cells to a new page. The group of cells are copied separately and increment all the way across the page. (The code will explain this easier).

    Is there an easy way to implement a loop to repeat this same program going down the page? i.e. the next group of cells I would want to copy would be
    C14:F19 , I14:L19, etc. all the way to the row starting with C356:F361

    The code has been shortened to fit into the post, but should give the general idea.

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    I know it is crude...but I have developed a macro to just copy/paste the data. However the code is very long and I could use some help with a Loop. I created a new thread concerning this:http://www.excelforum.com/showthread.php?t=622259

    Thanks for any help.
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