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Change Cell Value

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    Change Cell Value

    I need a macro/function that will analyze the value of one cell, and if that cell is 0, then it will change another cell to 0. I have to do it this way because I want people to be able to input there own values in both cells if necessary, but if they enter zero in one I want to make sure the other reflects that accordingly. Can you help???


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    Hello shguser,

    Welcome to the Forum!

    Here is macro that will make sure both cells are zero if the user enters zero into either cell. You can the cells' addresses in the code to match the ones you are using. The changes are marked in red.
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    How to Save a Worksheet Event Macro
    1. Copy the macro using CTRL+C keys.
    2. Open your Workbook and Right Click on the Worksheet's Name Tab for the Worksheet the macro will run on.
    3. Left Click on View Code in the pop up menu.
    4. Paste the macro code using CTRL+V
    5. Save the macro in your Workbook using CTRL+S

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