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Memory Problems?

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    Memory Problems?

    Hi all,

    I have a fairly simple spreadsheet (about 830 rows, no formulas, simple formatting). To edit the data here, a user form is shown, which calls a large amount of code (several hundred lines of code across more than a dozen routines). When I open the workbook and run the routine for the first time, it works fairly quickly. However, every time I run it after that, it slows down considerably.

    I've discovered the reason this is happening has to do with the delete/insert commands I have executing on the sheet. For example, if I manually delete or insert a row on the sheet (after the code is called a few times), it literally takes several seconds to complete. I would expect this on a very large sheet, but 830 rows isn't that many, and the increasing slowness (until the workbook is closed/reopened) makes me think it's a memory issue.

    I added the "End" statement to the very end of my last routine, thinking that'll clear any variables, and it does increase slightly, but it's still ugly... Any thoughts?

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    Without seeing any of your code or the workbook it's hard to do anything other than agree that yes, it should not slow down if coded correctly.

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