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Comparing rows of data

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    Comparing rows of data

    I have hundreds of rows of patient data and within that data I need to look
    at each individual patients data.
    For every patient I have several rows of data, each row contains the same
    fields but they relate to different events in their hospital stay which are
    numbered 1,2,3,etc. I am trying to compare the latest event with the previous event (e.g. event 3 with event 2) and show whether their test results (which is a number) increase or decrease and if for instance it increases and is now over 30, count it as a yes and if it goes down count it as a no. The macro will need to identify the most recent event and then compare this to the previous event, this will be different for each patient record. Can you help?

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    Hi Stewpot,

    I think i can solve this for you but i would need some test data, it doesnt have to be real data if it is confidentual but at least realistic so that i could understand how the data is stored.

    if you could provide this i could most probably put something to gether for you.


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