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Can't Assign Macro to Command Button??

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    Can't Assign Macro to Command Button??

    Hello experts!,

    I have a spreadsheet with a sendmail code and I'm trying to assign the macro to the command button (the grey box...on the toolbar), but it doesn't seem to be working?

    If I remember correctly..previously I would:

    left click the command button on the toolbar
    click an area on the spreadsheet, button appears.
    then right click and choose "assign macro".

    > Now I tried above and it doesn't work?
    > I had to use a "shape" in place of the command button..

    Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    ps - I have Excel 03'

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    Hi Novice_704,

    By right it should work.

    Do you want to post the Excel document here so we could take a look?

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    1) right click on tool-bar
    2)go to customize on bottom of drop-down
    3)go to forms on left scroll menu
    4) go to "button" on right scroll menu
    5) drag "button" to toolbar
    6) left click on "button icon" in toolbar
    7) crosshair cursor should appear when you move cursor to sheet
    8) draw box
    9) computer will automatically ask you which macro you want to assign as soon as your done drawing box

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