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Checking for blank cells before running macro

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    Checking for blank cells before running macro

    Hi all,

    I have a quotation system that takes information from various cells dotted around a worksheet, and places them along a line per quote in a separate worksheet and returns a final price.

    However, I can leave blank cells and the quote will still occur, because there is no way at the moment that the macro can check whether cells are empty and skip the quoting process.

    I'm unsure how to check for blank cells efficiently, so that should one be blank the process stops - any ideas?

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    One way would be to keep a single column table of cells, each of which points to the cells that contain quotation information. i.e. assuming F18 & H23 happen to be two arbitrary quote information cells, in a table, say A5:A10 on a new sheet enter

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    Now in your macro just test for a zero value in A3 and if False exit the macro.


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    What is your existing code?
    Hope that helps.

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    EDIT: I've managed to make my idea at the end of this post work, so far. If I get stuck, I'll post again. Thank you Richard and RoyUK for your time and help.

    I don't have anything in the way of "error checking code": my current code simply moves to the sheet to copy to, moves to the next available blank row and copies values across, then returns with a "quote success" message.

    I'd prefer something a little more in the way of checking individual cells, as quotes have 2 ways of being put through the factory, and these 2 ways have different machinery that could be used: I'll eventually (hopefully) have an if statement controlling whether one cell gets checked or the other depending on the route it will take.

    I also need guidance on how to skip the actual quoting part of the macro: I'm relatively new to visual basic. I'm considering using select case to control the walthrough of the macro, with it only executing the quoting code after all the checks have been made. This would help with the exiting of the macro, as it would mitigate using goto, and I'm more familiar with select case from working in C.

    However, I'm unsure as to the statement I should use: all the select case examples I've seen have been referring to conditions in a particular cell, rather than checking cells for a particular condition. In pseudo-code, it would be:

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    Is this possible (I don't know if you could set the select case as activecell.isblank or similar then set activecell = B3 etc.)?
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