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Create Table; Update Table: MS Query

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    Create Table; Update Table: MS Query

    I have created an addin that among other things, has the ability to open *.sql files, read the contents of those files into a string variable; then that variable used in MS Query to populate a spreadsheet. It works swimmingly for any select query I have fed to it but action queries return an error. The question is are action queries off limits to MS Query? I will show first the VB I am using. The typical script is too long to post so have attached a text file of a typical script for my purposes.

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    Like I said, this works well for select queries. Typically I am going out to a SQL Server database ( I have all permissions necessary for action queries ).

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    The answer is the script has multiple scripts, that is Create, Insert, several Updates, and finally Select from the temp table created. While this is acceptable in SQL Server, Excel and Access meager provisions will not allow it -- evidently

    This one script must be broken into various individual scripts - that sucks!

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