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Unable to post VBA linked data to protected worksheets

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    Unable to post VBA linked data to protected worksheets

    I have six worksheets in one workbook the first worksheet (Appointments) is used as the primary input sheet and the remaining sheets get updated automatically with the following code

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    I wish to protect some fields on the five remaining worksheets from being over typed and thus have applied protection - however as these sheets are protected I am unable to edit the first worksheet. Can I modify the code above to allow update of protected cells or happy to consider another approach.

    Thanks Tony

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    Re: Unable to post VBA linked data to protected worksheets

    Hi Tony

    Personally I would use a different approach whereby the user clicks on an update button having entered data in Appointments and the code that this activates then updates the data to all other sheets. If you do it like this then you can have the code unprotect the specified sheets before copying the data in.

    If you want further direction on such an approach, please could you provide more details eg on wheredata might be entered into sheet Appointments and where it needs to get copied to in the other sheets.

    Richard Schollar
    Microsoft MVP - Excel

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