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Combine Data from Multiple Sheets to Single Sheet

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    Combine Data from Multiple Sheets to Single Sheet

    I am sure that this has been asked but I have been unsuccessful in locating a solution.

    I have file with over 90 sheets (90 days of data) and need to combine all into one sheet. The data sometimes exceeds 65k so an additional filter of copying only the data with an amount greater than $1,000.00 would be required. Please see the attached.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as copy/paste is a real inconvenience.


    FYI - Sorry this was posted in the wrong forum. Can one of the moderators please move?
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    Re: Combine Data from Multiple Sheets to Single Sheet


    See the attached workbook "Data Filter AutoFilter copy values greater than 1000 from all sheets - mpquin - SDG.xls", and run the "CopyData" macro.

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