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Spreadsheet data delay on opening

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    Spreadsheet data delay on opening

    When I try to open an existing Excel spreadsheet, the Excel program opens to a blank screen (no sheet, just a blue background). If I minimize or maximize this screen, the existing data appears. If I don't minimize or maximize, the data does not appear. If I open the Excel program itself using the shortcut icon, I can open an existing spreadsheet with no delay on the data appearance. What's up with that? (Adobe Reader 8 behaves in a similar fashion).
    I am running Windows XP Pro, SP3 and MS Office 2007 with everything updated as of today.
    Any help appreciated!

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    Re: Spreadsheet data delay on opening

    hi Cherita,

    Does this only occur in Excel with specific workbooks or is it any spreadsheet files?
    Do you have a large number of add-ins ticked in excel?
    If so, try removing them one by one & seeing if any one particular add-in is slowing the application down.

    There may be something that helps on the below link. There is a lot information on this page about computer speed & it doesn't all relate to Excel.

    Rob Brockett
    Kiwi in the UK
    Always learning & the best way to learn is to experience...

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