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Substitute text for an image.

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    Substitute text for an image.


    I have a spreadsheet that is a check list/survey, asking users to rate 0-5 with 5 being the best and 0 being poor, when filled in with a number I want the cells to automatically be replaced with a visual representation of the score, in this case a coloured bar.

    Is it possible to substitute text with an image? How?

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    Re: Substitute text for an image.

    A neat trick I've used is to convert a numberic value into a barline representation in a cell.
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    The formula is very simple, in B1:

    Format that cell as BOLD, Font=Arial, and Color=Blue. Looks pretty cool.

    You can then apply some additional conditional formatting so that the closer the bar gets to the key number the more vibrant the color...all the way to RED if it passes the threshold.
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