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Move data to matched cell on dif worksheet

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    Move data to matched cell on dif worksheet

    Hello, I have the below code which searches for a match between two sheets. If no match is found, it will copy data from one sheet (Base Report) to the other (Master Report). Currently if a match is found, it does nothing. Due to a user request, I need to modify the code so if a match is found, I need it to copy the information from the Base Report tab to the existing row on the Master Report. The reason for this is the information can change on the Base Report and it needs to be moved to the Master report. Thanks.

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    Re: Move data to matched cell on dif worksheet


    Probably better to use the Range.Find method, that's what I use. Finding and copying data is quite a common requirement so you should find plenty of examples on this site.

    Also there is a code example in VBA help, (without variables declared , but c is a Range and firstAddress is a String). If you need any more help please post back and I will try to help.

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