First of all, I have very minimal coding experience but have doctored together some things that suit my needs and require assistance with this code to obtain my end result.

I have a worksheet that we copy data into which is obtained from a 3rd party company. We then have additional worksheets within this workbook that we use to enter in our data based on the information we were given.

On these subsequent worksheets I require formulas in certain cells, and have written the attached code to suit my needs to this point.

Where I need help with is, that this code requires data to be in Column A.

If someone could help or explain what I need to do I’d appreciate it. What I want is the code to obtain the same data from column A in the “ACV”(Sheet1) worksheet and enter that same data into Column A in the “Payment1”(Sheet2) worksheet.

Column A - “ACV”(Sheet1) may have anywhere from 5-5000 lines.

This code works for the first line in “Payment1”(Sheet2) then stop, so I assume I need to “Loop” this code??

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Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...