This post is similar to post from TRACE1287 back in 6/7/07 (Running Total Formula for Inventory) here is the link:

I have a similar situation but I'm using 2 worksheets, S_V and Remaining.
On the S_V Worksheet I have the LastName on A5 then from B5:H5 I'm using them to capture Sick Hours (b5 for Mon, c5 for tue,....,h5 for Sun) and then P5 =SUM(B5:H5) is the sum of the Sick Hours for that week
On the Remaining Worksheet I have LastName on A5 for the same employee on S_V!A5 then on C5 is supposed to have the running total of Sick Hours (C5 = C5 + S_V!P5) for its matching employee on S_V!A5

Following your respond to TRACE1287
Column G, Row 7 is the same as my Remaining!C5 and
Column F, Row 7 is the same as my S_V!B5:H5 or S_V!P5

Please let me know how this can be done applyed to the spreedsheet or coulmns as the progressive increment? ( Any change on S_V!P5 updates Remaining!C5;Any change on S_V!P6 updates Remaining!C6, etc)



PS: I'm very sorry for my posting on a CLOSED Thread.