Ok, so I have an invoice table in MS Access, but I want the invoices made in Excel. The layout is done, but I'm having some troubles getting some data in. I would like to have a combo box with a list populated from ‘invoiceID’ in the Invoices table. When that is chosen it auto populates the cells with things like delivery date etc. I'm assuming I assign each invoiceID a list of strings (aka make each invoiceID an array of strings ( I don’t know how to do this either) and use those array elements to populate the table. Could someone point me in the right direction as to how i could accomplish this? Thanks!

in short:

i have invoices table

i have combo box in excel

i want combo box to have invoice id's

i choose invoice id's

then, invoice layout has for example due date, in the due date cell, i want the duedate field from the invoice table to be automatically be sorted when invoice id is chosen

once i know how to do 1, i can do it for all fields,

anyone willing to give me some of there time will be loved 4 life