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Adding an offset formula to my macro

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    Adding an offset formula to my macro

    Hi guys,

    I have some data input and ive recorded a macro to merge that info into a nother worksheet.

    When i type in different information in i would like to run the same macro but when it merges that information to the other worksheet i would like it to copy to the next available row. Maybe an offset formula?

    My macro is as below. Can someone please help me and let me know where i should put the offset formula?

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    ANy help would be great. Thanks!!
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    Re: Adding an offset formula to my macro

    Please take a few minutes to read the forum rules, and then edit your post to add code tags.

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    Re: Adding an offset formula to my macro

    I'd be happy to look at this issue with you. If you would provide a sample copy of your workbook (with existing macros) that illustrates what you have and what you'd like the results to be, I'm fairly certain we can make it happen.

    If you have issues with Code I've provided, I appreciate your feedback.

    In the event Code provided resolves your issue, please mark your Thread as SOLVED.

    If you're satisfied by any members response to your issue please use the star icon at the lower left of their post.

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