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vlookup and row highlight in vba

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    vlookup and row highlight in vba


    I begin this by stating that I am a neophyte's apprentice when it comes to macros and scripting. I've created a few tools that make my life easier, and I'm stuck trying to create what I need now.

    I have one spreadsheet with a row of entries (let's call it "sheet-A") that I want to be able to perform a vlookup on while I'm in another sheet("sheet-B"). I want the matching results of the vlookup, located in column C of sheet-B, to then be highlighted in yellow, as well as the entire row.

    If it helps at all, the entries in sheet-A are suspended items that I want to be able to compare from my current list of items in sheet-B, and highlight the entire row to flag for further review.

    I'm sure there may be an easier way to solve this. I tried to make a very long "If cell.Text = "entry1" Or cell.Text = "entry2" with a Then at the end, and the following:
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    I kept getting errors with that method, and had to enter in each entry of my suspended items in the if/or statement.

    Any help that anyone can offer on this would be much appreciated.

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    Re: vlookup and row highlight in vba

    Hello chernab0g,

    Welcome to the Forum!

    It would be better if you posted all the code you have written. Posting your workbook is the best option. With the layout and code are available for review, you will receive answers faster.

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