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Creating+saving multiple charts from a single worksheet

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    Creating+saving multiple charts from a single worksheet

    Hi all,

    I would be grateful for any help you could provide with this query.

    Basically i have a lot of repetitive tasks to perform in work and need to speed them up so i can spend more time on interesting stuff.

    I am attempting to record a macro from a single work book that creates and saves multiple work books containing graphs of the data and the relevant data from the original workbook.

    I would also like to create hyper links for these graphs in another work book which contains all of the data graphed weekly.

    The data is spread through out the workbook so simple dragging will not work. I must do this for the start of every week. So for example i would generate data for drip rates for 50 seperate samples for week one then graph them and save them in a folder under week one then hyper link to them from another work book and then do the same the next week from data generated that week.

    I would truly love to automate this process.


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    Re: Creating+saving multiple charts from a single worksheet

    Hi, what you're trying to achieve there is calling for some complex VBA (which I can't help with), but maybe you could have a look into interactive and dynamic charting instead of saving individual charts.

    With interactive charts, you provide the user with controls to select the data source and build the charts dynamically. You'll only need one chart per chart type and the user can select which week to look at.

    Look at http://peltiertech.com/Excel/Charts/Dynamics.html if you think this might work for you.


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