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Count cells with values smaller than a given cell

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    Question Count cells with values smaller than a given cell

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know how to count the number of cells, in a given row, that contains numbers smaller than a value in a given cell, in the same row, in Excel 2007?

    I've tried "=COUNTIF(DE61:WV61;"<DD61")", but I'm not sure if it works, some values don't look right...

    In addition to this, I don't know how to quickly copy the formula to the rest of the rows (just change the numbers). I've got a large dataset, ca 5000 rows and 500 columns, so I'd prefer not to do it manually...

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    Re: Count cells with values smaller than a given cell



    to copy formula down... select the cell with the first formula, then click, hold and drag the little black box at bottom right corner of cell to the point you want your formulas copied down to.
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