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Proper error catching runtime error 1004

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    Proper error catching runtime error 1004

    As you can see below I don't really understand how to error catch so well. the line that keeps giving me the error is if Range("G1").value = "Eaches" then. Try as I might I can't get the error handling code to get it to get out of the X loop. I would prefer to not use on error resume next and would rather use if err.number = 1004 and if err.number = 91 because those are the two known types of errors and if another type of error pops up I'd like to know about it.

    anyone help with the error handling code?
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    Re: Proper error catching runtime error 1004

    Maybe you could explain what your're trying to do, and popst the rest of the code. What you've posted makes little sense.
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