Have a table of sales people,

Want to set rewards program for top sales people based on n# of sales that exceed $X.

so for the source range that feeds the pivot table, I have a vba decision derived decision column title "Huge Sale" that is applied to each sale (does this sale exceed $x, if true then put "yes" in decision column, else "no").

Now, what I am trying to figure out, on my pivot table, I want it only to show salespeople who have had at least n# of "Huge Sales". Is there a way I can set a filter on my pivot table to show only row groups where Count of Huge Sales exceeds n?

If I can do that, user inputs what a huge sale is ($ threshold value) and how many sales before reward (# threshold). And the table would just spit out the sales people to reward.

Any ideas?

Current Row labels are:
Huge Sale (show "yes" only)

Count of huge sale