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Double advanced filter and combobox population

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    Double advanced filter and combobox population

    I have attached my work so far but have got to a point where I am not sure what I want to do is possible.

    In the frame 'CL Criteria' the user will select the material, modality, form & design for both the right and left CL.

    When they then click on 'Search' , is it possible for VBA to filter the list of CL's on the 'CL Data' worksheet for the Right Lens criteria and populate the 'Lens Choice' combobox with the results (name only), and to then repeat with the Left Lens criteria?

    I would then need the original list on 'CL Data' to be cleared of filters.

    Update: Solved it myself. Thanks to those who looked.
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    Re: Double advanced filter and combobox population

    Hi Andrew-Mark

    One of the many things we mere mortals tend to forget is that there are no new problems in our "world", only different solutions. Someone, somewhere has faced the same issue you raised in this post. I know I have and I've developed different work-arounds with temporary sheets, etc. I subscribed to this thread for just that reason. I wanted to see what the experts offered as a solution.

    It would be kind if you would share your solution to the issue.

    Thanks, John

    If you have issues with Code I've provided, I appreciate your feedback.

    In the event Code provided resolves your issue, please mark your Thread as SOLVED.

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