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Name the results of a filter

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    Question Name the results of a filter

    I've been looking everywhere for this answer with no luck, so props to whomever can tackle this!

    What I need is the code for naming a range that's been filtered. For example, in my macro I'm telling it to filter like so:

    Selection.AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:="320"

    Now, what I need to do is name that data to "ThreeTwenty." When recording this macro, visually, it comes out like this:

    ActiveWorkbook.Names.Add Name:="ThreeTwenty", RefersToR1C1:= _

    The problem I'm running into here is that the "RefersToR1C1" coordinates will likely change each month, so is there a way for it to determine its own dimensions for that filtered range and/or is there some other cool trick to accomplish the same thing that I'm not currently aware of? Also as a note, the data being filtered starts in B4 (the filter headers start on row 3). Please respond with code, so I can copy and past exactly what you say to see if it works - been working on this for days and everything I've tried seems to fail. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Name the results of a filter

    IMO, you will better served by using Advanced Filter using its option to copy the results to a new location. Then you could dimension a variable to dynamically find the last row of the filtered range and create a named range.

    After creating the code for the Advanced Filter, the code for creating the named range would look something like this. Obviously, adjust sheet references and ranges as required per your filtered results.

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