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Links Error: Remote Path vs T:Drive Path

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    Links Error: Remote Path vs T:Drive Path

    Mods: Please move this thread if I have posted in the wrong location. Thanks

    I have an Excel file which is a database that is stored on my T:Drive which is a network drive. Only certain individuals have access to the folders and files on these drives. I have created a database excel file that I am trying to put on a website so that people, who do not have access to the T:Drive, can still access the Database file. We have created the remote path that allows for the file to be opened and it works but there are some tweaks that I still need to make.

    The major problem I have faced that I would like to get some assistance on is:

    The Database has buttons on it that opens up other Excel files that will act as Request forms. Within these forms, there are drop down Validation Lists that populate from information in the Database. The problem is that when the user opens the Database through the Website, the database assumes the remote path of the website that locates the file in the T:Drive which means that the linkage is broken because the links are looking for the Database through the T:Drive path. I tried changing the linkage to look for the database throught the remote path but then the admin has trouble with linkages because he needs to use the database through the T:Drive to make changes.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this error?

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