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checkbox programing problems

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    checkbox programing problems

    Hi, now im asking about how to program a check box, i tried to do it the same way that optionbutton but , is not working.

    I can put data in the cell D16, but it does not respect the option of if then else.

    i want to put some data in the worksheet 8, in the cell b16 if the checkbox is checked and if is not write in the cell d16.

    this is what im using.

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    And if is posible could you tell me how to get out of the macros and continue in the workbook, i mean, i want to put the inlet values by using a userform, then the excel is going to make some calculations, and then i want to check or see, a final worksheet with the results. Is that posible?

    than you

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    Re: checkbox programing problems

    Duplicate post, thread closed.
    Entia non sunt multiplicanda sine necessitate

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