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Database userform search data, go to row

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    Database userform search data, go to row

    Ok, so I have an excel problem that is close to being answered and yet a million miles away. To stat, I have created a data base that contains many columns, and now over 2500 rows. I had found a search program on this forum that was

    Extremely useful. (Not sure how to do this to give proper credit. But the from forum question by karthikcoep question: [Search through database and display results in user form] and the link was:

    Quote Originally Posted by Leith Ross View Post
    Hello karthikcoep,

    You can copy your data onto "Sheet1" of the attached workbook. Since it searches the active sheet, no need to worry about changing the sheet name. All 13 columns are visible in the ComboBox and the ListBox. I enhanced the search features to include matching by case or ignoring case, match the whole word or only part, and do a single search or search for all matches. The UserForm also acts like a standard window. You can minimize and maximize it to and from the task bar. Let me know how this works for you.

    Leith Ross
    Quote Originally Posted by Leith Ross View Post
    Hello karthikcoep,

    I have made the changes to the attached workbook to search only the worksheet pointed to by Sheets(1).

    Leith Ross

    But in this user forum, I want to tweak it so that when the user select on of the found rows in the user box that it then takes you too that row in the worksheet or displays it in a new sheet. Either way will work as long as it goes to a sheet. The reason that the user box is flawed is that you have to be able to select an embedded pdf in the row.

    I apologize that I am terrible at forum question formats, and I would really appreciate any help. I will also attach a mini version on my database to show what I am talking about.
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