I am trying to link some data from a spreadsheet to another and keep the formatting updated at times.
Here is the scenario

I have a spreadsheet called Master and it includes about 8 sheets.
Sheet a is the main one, lets call it Main. It is password protected for editing and only allows you to view although 6 users from have the password so the can update it.

The second spreadsheet is called Contacts it includes 8 sheets too.

The data that is linked from the master spreadsheet, main sheet and called main2. I have used a basic formula which simple says "=" equals all the cells from the Master to the Contact sheet.
It is password protected and only allows 2 column to be edited.

The problem that I have is if cell B3 in the master spreadsheet, main sheet is been changed to red font colour the Contact spreadsheet, main2 sheet displays it in black and not in red. How I can make sure that the data that is read it actually bringing up the formatting too??

Secondly, as the master spreadsheet will be password protected will this prevent the data to be updated on the contact spreadsheet or it won't make any difference?

And finally as the link update is master spreadsheet --to--- contact spreadsheet
if I wanted to link one column from contact - to-- master would that be possible as when I tried by using the "=" formula it displayed the formula itself and not the value.

Many Thanks