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Macro Trigger/Event

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    Macro Trigger/Event

    Hey all, I am working on a spreadsheet for work that has 3 macros built in. One adds a line of data to a chart from one sheet ("Wind on small elements") to another sheet ("Results"), another clears this chart and the last displays an image based on what is selected in a validated list from one cell. The problem I am having is with the third macro.

    Using Worksheet_calculate() to trigger the macro, it works, but it runs everytime any calculation is done. Is there a way I can stop this?

    It also initially made the other two macros not work until I added a little bit of code to fix it (in bold). It's not the most elegant of solutions as it only solved one of the problems and the screen flashes between sheets a bit more than it should. Is there a way around this?

    I don't have access to my spreadsheet, since it is something I am doing for work, but my code is:

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