I have created a document register which gathers relevant information - to make it easier for the manager to view information.

I have come up with a problem with my code, I am looking for code that will look at the save date of my document register and update any folders/ files that have been added from that date is this possible.

The code works great and puts in all the information that I can get from the properties but as an administrator is also required to imput other information and then save the document. ie "direction" & "to". I only require new data to be uploaded. not the whole list again.

I would like to open the register and hit update and only new documents come up.
the only save date that I will have is the actual document register save date (this document is stored in the main folder where the data is.

is there a way to create code that will look at the information already in the document register and delete duplicate data?
thank you for any help

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