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Parsing Text file to Excel

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    Parsing Text file to Excel

    As a newbie its very difficult for me.
    I request the gurus to kindly help to sort this problem.
    The text file which is containing header and footers which are not required in workbook.
    I have attached the text file and a formated data excel file.
    Some one please give me a start ? help me.
    Thanks in Advance.
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    Re: Parsing Text file to Excel

    Hi fareen
    My best effort was to open your text file using Excel. It stops and asks for a delimiter during the import. You need to specify the delimiter as the | character. This is the shift key of the \ character. Then you text file at leaste comes in to separate cells and is similar to what you want. The next thing to do would be, remove unwanted rows of data, compressing it using Excel VBA.

    I hope this gives you a start.
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