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Copying worksheets between workbooks using user form combo-box

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    Copying worksheets between workbooks using user form combo-box

    Hi guys,

    I have a workbook with 12 worksheets (jan - dec) I am trying to work out how I can copy the contents of one of the given sheets ad paste it into a separate sheet in a separate workbook for reporting.
    I will basically set up a user form in the 2nd work book where the relevant month will be selected and then upon pressing a command button the relevant worksheet will be copied from workbook 1 into workbook 2.
    As far as the copying side goes I have tried to solve the problem using the macro recorder but obviousley that does not give me the flexibility to select anything other than the active sheet ( unless I record 12 macros and link them to individual command buttons)

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

    Ok Quick update,

    I have manged to assemble the following code:

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    Which essentially gives me a userform with a List box containing the month names.
    And when the OK (command button) is pressed the macro fetches the data from one worksheet and pastes it into a seperate worksheet in a diffrent workbook.

    However I am stumped as to how I connect the selected month (eg August) in the List box to the Copy & paste macro to ensure it will find the corresponding month (worksheet) in the first workbook.

    Any advice?

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