I feel like I should be able to get this one, but my brain is numb from doing this all day. I have a command button that I would like to first unprotect the sheet if it's protected and then unhide multiple columns. The user would then be able to modify the protected cells. A second click of the command button should hide the columns and protect the sheet. I would also like the button to require a password. I have half of it figured out, but it leaves the sheet protected and the protected cells can't be edited. Help would be appreciated. So far:

Sub TextBox6_Click()
Const strPass As String = "i"
Dim strPassCheck As String
Dim PassAttempts As Long, Count As Long

Do Until PassAttempts = 3
PassAttempts = 1 + PassAttempts
Count = Count + 1
strPassCheck = InputBox("Password?", "Attempt " & PassAttempts & " of 3")
If strPassCheck = vbNullString Or PassAttempts = 3 Then Exit Sub
If strPassCheck = strPass Then Exit Do

ActiveSheet.Unprotect "i"

If Range("E:E").EntireColumn.Hidden = True Then
Range("E:E,H:H,K:K,N:N,Q:Q,T:T").EntireColumn.Hidden = False
Else: Range("E:E,H:H,K:K,N:N,Q:Q,T:T").EntireColumn.Hidden = True
End If

ActiveSheet.Protect "i"

End Sub