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Compare lists of phrases in two workbooks and import only missing phrases

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    Question Compare lists of phrases in two workbooks and import only missing phrases

    Dear Excel gods,

    I’ve attached two xls-files to this post and I will now explain their role in this mess I’m currently in.

    “out.xls” is generated from a database of phrases through a XML-based Content Management System. There are two columns in this file, one for the source language and one for the target language.

    “alarms.xls” originates from a control system and is exported from a PLC software. It consists of alarms in multiple languages.

    Now, basically what I want to do is to compare the “alarms” file to the “out” file and import any translations that are missing in the “alarms” file. I’ve highlighted (red color) two cells in the “alarms” file to illustrate the problem.

    Since the source language phrases in the “alarms” file and the “out” file doesn’t always match 100% it would be really helpful if the “compare function” could search for partial phrases.

    I hope the brain capacity of this forum will be able to crack this nut for me. If so, you will be sure to receive my most sincere gratefulness.
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