Hi Everyone,

I have a code which currently moves one column from the workbook to a word document called test which has an empty table in it.

I would like to change this so that when the user clicks the command button a userform appears, he then enteres a number into a text box and clicks OK.

The code needs to search the sheet1 for that number, lets say the reference numbers will be in columnB in sheet1.
Lets say the user entered 30, and that number appeared in cell B40, it would then move the data from that row, columnE (so cell E40 down until it found a blank cell, columnF (cell F40) down until it found the word 'total cost', and columnG (cell G40) down until it found a blank cell.

This information will be copied accross the the table in the 'test' word document.

heres my current code:
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Any help would be really aprreciated