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Macro required to generate recurring list using frequency and calendar inputs

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    Exclamation Macro required to generate recurring list using frequency and calendar inputs


    I am an absolute newbie to Macros and have no experience, so forgive my ignorance but I would really appreciate any help that can be offered.

    I have a list of tasks that have a field for frequency which can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly. I also have another field with more information on the frequency, such as which day the monthly task takes place, or which month the quarterly task takes place...

    For a basic example:
    Task: Frequency: Frequency Info:
    Print Report Daily N/A
    Send status Weekly Friday
    Update Issues Weekly Monday
    Update estimate Monthly Last Thursday
    Report Costs Quarterly Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct

    What I am trying to do is build out a list that each month calculates exactly how many tasks should be completed. So I want to give it a parameter entry as a month and a year, say May 2011, and then generate all the tasks for that month. So using the example above, if there are 22 working days (working week in May began 2nd and finishes 31st) then I should have
    - 22 recurring daily Report tasks
    - 4 recurring Send Status weekly tasks (given there were 4 fridays in May)
    - 5 recurring Update Issues tasks as there are 5 Mondays in May
    - 1 Update Estimate monthly task
    - no Report Costs quarterly task as its not expected in May.

    Is this possible? Is it too complex to create? Any help, pointers are really really appreciated...
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