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Formatting data for export

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    Formatting data for export

    Hi, new member here!

    I am having some trouble with this.. I usually import data into Access and format/output it from there, but the user wants to do everything in Excel.

    On the attached spreadsheet, I have 2 tabs named "data" and "export"

    The data tab contains data that I want to ultimately have formatted for export.

    The export tab shows the format of the data.

    Could someone help me with the code to be able to put behind a button so that the data will be exported as .csv

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    Re: Formatting data for export

    1) Is that exactly as you want the export sheet to be formatted? Some dates are M/D/YYYY and some are DD/MM/YYYY. Is that right?

    2) Is the export sheet supposed to be an accurate summary of the data sheet? Because I can't for the life of me work out the methodology. For starters there is no account # 514000.01.10 listed on the data sheet. Or any 2010 dates.....

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